Shezza Ansloos is a published author. Her first book I Loved Her (2010) is a heartening testament to a love that will never be forgotten. This children’s story is a young Metis girl’s tender recollection of her wise and loving grandmother. From singing songs together at the piano to playing indoor games on rainy days, their friendship grows deeper and richer.

Her second book, The Fire Walker is a magical tale. The wind rocked the little village long ago, blowing out every fire and leaving the people with no way to cook their food or keep warm. All they could do was hope for the arrival of the legendary Fire Walker to bring heat and light back to them. For one brave child, however, the sight of a falling star and special messages from a firefly encourage a daring search to find the fire and help people. The Fire Walker blends the magical power and myth and the fearlessness of a child’s imagination. The Firewalker was nominated for the 2015 Manitoba Book Award.

Shezza collaborated with Heather Boersma in Letters from a Big Sister 2019. It is a collection of letters written by big sisters telling about a struggle they went through as teen girls and what was learned from that experience.

NEWS!!!!!! Shezza and her son Dr. Jeffrey Ansloos have teamed up to write a charming story of intergenerational love and the power of nature to heal and ground us. They are pleased to announce their new book Thunder and the Noise Storms. Thunder and the Noise Storms has been nominated for a 2022 Blue Spruce Award.